Self-imposed level playing fields

A theme develops.

Taxi operators complain about the unfair advantage that Uber and Lyft enjoy from not having to comply with burdensome regulation:

[We] expect more and more legislation will be passed that further levels the playing field.

Yet taxi operators originally pushed for this legislation to keep out competition.

Now car dealerships in a few states are trying to ban Tesla from selling cars directly to consumers, and once again they’re complaining about Tesla’s unfair advantage:

[We’re] asking the Legislature to oppose special treatment for Tesla that will create an uneven playing field and give Tesla special exemptions not provided to GM. There is no justifiable reason why Tesla should be exempt from the myriad of state laws that regulate automakers.

Again, dealerships lobbied for these laws to keep out competition.

It takes some incredible chutzpah to argue, with a straight face, that’s it’s unfair that you’re subject to laws that you yourself enacted in order to keep prices higher and keep competition out.