WebLight is a WebUSB blinky light device. You plug it in to a computer running a browser that supports the WebUSB standard (currently only recent Chrome builds that have certain chrome:flags enabled), and without requiring any driver installation, it just works. Each LED module is RGB and individually controllable.

The first prototypes aren’t much to look at. I intend the final version to use micro-USB and fit comfortably in a plastic LED-candle holder. It needs to be plastic to make it possible to cut a slot for the USB cable.

When it’s done, it should make a good status light for broken builds or stock- price changes, and it should look reasonably nice on a desk at work.

The circuit design was simple. I mostly copied the schematic from the Adafruit Trinket. I originally used the WS2812B LED module, but recently replaced it with the APA102C, which works better with bitbanged USB on a small microcontroller.

The device should cost about $2.50 to manufacture in quantity. It would be cool if AliExpress manufacturers started building it and selling it dirt-cheap; then everyone who wanted one would have a status light on their desk.