Idea for easier Christmas light programming

As I get back into the Christmas spirit and think of more light programs for my G35 lights,  I’m dreading doing more cumbersome C++ work for this simple class of programming. What if there were a simpler language that were custom- designed for light programming? What if I made an Arduino shield that ran these light scripts from an SD card? What if other people could share scripts on the internet? What if the scripts were hardware-independent, so people could make their cool patterns run on any hardware, and any length of string?

These all seem like great ideas, but it must have already been done. Right? I did a little web research, but so far all I’ve found is DMX (a.k.a. DMX512), which is at a lower level than what I’m interested in. I want something like LightScript (just made that up) that can express hardware-independent RGB Christmas light programs. It’d be a little like MIDI, but where the width of the piano keyboard wasn’t known at composition time, and it would expand at runtime to sound good on a keyboard of 1 or 20 octaves. I haven’t found this yet in my minutes and minutes of research.

Does it exist? Internet, please give me some keywords!