Like A G35 v1.0 is at Laen's!

Just submitted the design to the fancy new OSH Park site. This is my first time using the site since Laen turned the Dorkbot PDX service into it. The site has a bug or nit here or there, but the previewing feature is very nice.

As expected, I ditched the RTC feature. But I kept the IR receiver. There are terminal blocks for three G35 strands, up to three independent WS2801 strands, and ample power for all passed directly through the fuseless micro-USB power- only connector. How many lights the Arduino processor itself can drive remains to be seen. The board is completely passive; there isn’t even a capacitor on it. The major challenge was making sure everything fit without bumping on the metal USB jacket of pre-Leonardo Arduinos.

The EAGLE files are on GitHub.