Hypna Go Go Goes 3D

In my continuing quest for lucidity, I’ve had trouble figuring out exactly when my personal REM phases occur at night. Preliminary measurements and intuition suggest that they’re happening quite early - as early as two hours after I sleep. So it’s not surprising that the Hypna Go Go, using a naive time-based scheduling algorithm, doesn’t seem to be doing a good job of guessing the answer, either.

As an experiment, I’ve ordered an MMA8452Q accelerometer breakout board from SparkFun, and I’m going to build a new version of the circuit that starts the light programs when I’m not moving, which should be correlated with the hypotonia of REM sleep paralysis. The advantage of this approach versus, say, using an infrared receiver to measure eye movement, is that the board remains small and simple, without too many scary parts poking out near my eyes, and easy for me to sew into a relatively comfortable sleep mask.