RPio is assembled and (so far) working

I assembled one of the SeeedStudio boards and began testing. The power sections appear to work correctly, the project LEDs all behave as expected, and the TXB0108 I/Os are not surprising me (that’s a qualified statement because I haven’t yet run them all the way through their paces).

I haven’t yet tried the two I2C circuits. Once I’ve completed this testing, I’ll have done pretty much everything I can before getting access to a real board.

As you can see from this preassembly photo, I mistakenly ordered 0603 resistors rather than the 0805 size that the layout intended. But having assembled the board, I can say without hesitation that soldering 0603 parts onto 0805 pads is sheer delight. It’s like moving into a loft with no furniture yet; there’s just so much room!