Hypna Go Go Scares the Crap Out of Me

A couple nights ago I had my first Hypna Go Go-influenced dream. I don’t remember what had been happening in the dream, but suddenly a bright drag-race-Christmas-tree-style pole of lights appeared right in front of me. I realized that this was my signal that I was dreaming. Unfortunately, I couldn’t shake my dream-world concern _why_ the big red lights were flashing; was it an ambulance? Was it a traffic jam or an accident? Were my family members hurt? The next couple moments of the dream were vague and unpleasant, and I woke up.

I’m not going to change anything with the device for now. Yes, the lights are probably a little too bright, but having replayed the light-pole event in my mind several times while awake, I believe I can train myself so that next time it won’t be a distressing experience.

Incidentally, I’m getting pretty good at dream recall. I’ve written down about ten dreams, and have been aware that I’ve forgotten nearly as many more. This is much better than a few weeks ago, when it seemed that I had no dreams at all. And lately I’ve been having a sense of general well-being about the world, which I would expect given that my dreams are often about seeing old friends and being in interesting places. Or maybe it’s because it’s Spring in my part of the world.