The Hypna Go Go

I’ve seen these crazy lucid-dreaming goggle projects for years, but recently stumbled across a really simple one on Instructables. I happened to have all the parts around the house, so I made one. I’ve since improved the firmware and designed a real circuit board that is off at Laen’s. The improvements are that the circuit board is smaller, and the firmware is lower-power and better synchronized with a typical 8-hour-sleep REM schedule.

As noted in the GitHub project, it hasn’t worked for me over three nights of testing. I have two theories.

One theory is that the lights aren’t bright enough. I used some very old red LEDs with about 140 ohms of resistance. They’re completely visible to me in my tests, but it might not be enough for my sleeping brain to notice.

The other theory is that it actually is working, but I’m not remembering any of it when I wake up. This is a distinct possibility because I almost never remember dreams. They say that teaching yourself to remember your dreams is the first step in improved dream awareness. I’ll work on that.

Meanwhile, here’s a picture of what I built, and you can also check out the EAGLE files and the AVR code.