AVR programmer 1.0.1, and shopping cart

Dennis made some routing improvements after I sent the board to Laen, and I decided to switch to the ‘244 rather than ‘241 (not checked in yet). But the schematic hasn’t changed, so the PCBs we get back should be good enough to validate the design, so we won’t have this one manufactured until 1_0_0_FINAL comes back.

I’ve created a partial shopping cart at Mouser. It’s missing the right-angle header¬†and miscellaneous other headers that we intend to be optionally soldered by the end user. It also has a couple alternative versions of parts; for example, we might want to switch to a stronger micro-USB socket with positioning tabs that fit into PCB holes, because this is the kind of device that will be frequently plugged and unplugged.

The BOM is looking to be about $7.50 exclusive of the PCB, in single-unit quantities.