RPio Prototype #1 sent to the fab!

We fixed one huge issue where we were sending the I2C pins through the TXB0108, which would have ruined them except as GPIOs. Instead we’re leaving them as 3.3-volt I/O, but pulling them up to 4.7K, which should work for most practical purposes. After that fix and a little more routing magic, it was time to send them off to Dorkbot!

We’ve gotten requests for a couple dozen RPios, which is a good sign considering that we haven’t tried too hard to spread the word, and especially considering that nobody has received a Raspberry Pi yet. We’re thinking about how to accelerate the prototyping turnaround time (either making our own PCBs or paying more for quicker fabrication), so that we can get real production versions in your hands soon after you get your RPi. Stay tuned for ordering information!