LUFA for Adafruit ATmega32u4 Breakout Board

LUFA is pretty amazing. If you’re into that kind of thing, you can make your USB-capable AVR microcontroller be 100 virtual serial ports, all communicating with other, all at once. I’m not sure why it took me a few hours to get even one virtual port to appear, but once I followed my own steps to restore my ‘32u4 breakout board to factory-fresh condition, it worked nicely. Here are my notes:

  • To build any or all of the whole tree, get the source and then
    You’ll get various errors about missing joysticks, buttons, and ADC channels, and you’ll have to hack and slash the code to pretend your board has a joystick (I used rand() % 4 to simulate someone flipping around the joystick wildly) or whatever else is missing. You might decide to give up and build just one or two sub-projects.

  • To load a demo or project onto your board, cd into the right directory and
    make program MCU=atmega32u4 AVRDUDE_PROGRAMMER=avr109 AVRDUDE_PORT=/dev/wherever_your_board_shows_up
    You’ll need to reset your board so the bootloader is running during this step.

  • On my machine (a Mac), I kept System Information open to the USB section, and kept hitting command-R to see what my computer thought was attached to it.

I’m fiddling with LUFA to get ready for the AVR programmer’s arrival in a week or so. I don’t expect to have ported an ISP by then, but at least I can have a simple CDC serial port saying “hello, world!”