AVR Programmer is off to Laen's!

I reached a good 1.0 stopping point, so I poured the ground planes, fired up the CAM processor, churned out the gerbers, and emailed 1.46 square inches of high functionality to Laen’s DorkbotPDX PCB service!

Many thanks to DG who manually routed a interim version of the board, and shaved off all but four vias and about a half square-inch of PCB. Unfortunately I made a few more enhancements and added 14 more vias in the process. Here’s the current feature set:

  • ATmega8u2, 16MHz
  • Will program any ISP6-capable AVR
  • Will play XSVF via JTAG headers
  • Powered by USB
  • Mini-USB connector
  • Buffered I/O
  • Requires no 6-pin cable
  • Will power the target board at 5V (about 450mA) or 3.3V (about 100mA)
  • Target board can also be self-powered
  • I/O logic levels will always match target VCC (unless user does something silly)
  • Optional self-programming header
  • Optional secondary ISP6 header if you _really_ want to use a cable, or need to connect to an ISP10 board, or just want to hack hard on the 8u2 and prefer flying leads.

At this point all I can truly say is that _the hardware doesn’t rule out any of this functionality._ I haven’t written the software yet, so the board doesn’t actually do anything. But it will.

Watch the project on GitHub! And if you’re interested in a prototype of the board, let me know!