In the middle of a great email exchange with Sean Riddle (the all-time PageRank leader for Williams hardware and software), and the Ship of Theseus came up. It’s an old philosophical puzzle where a ship sails around the world, in the process having broken and worn-out parts replaced as needed. By the time it arrives back in its home port, every part has been replaced. Question: is it still the same ship?

Now there’s a project code name! So here’s the proposal: 8821 is project to understand how a 6809 works in the year 2012. Theseus is the project to resurrect an old Joust while keeping its identity as a Joust. File your objections with the Review Board within five business days.

Update 2/1/2012: This name didn’t stick. It sounds too much like “thesis,” and I avoided grad school precisely so I’d never have to work on one of those.