7400 Series catalog?

Does such a thing exist but simplified for today’s ADHD youth like me? Here’s what I want:

  • Name (‘00)
  • Description (quad 2-input NAND gate)
  • A plain English paragraph describing why you’d want this chip
  • Pinout with legend for the abbreviations
  • Maybe a cool circuit or clever hack using the chip

There’s Wikipedia, of course, but it doesn’t contain all the information in a condensed and complete format, like a PDF that could be printed and kept on a workbench. While there are PDF catalogs on various sites I’ve found, they’re produced by people trying to sell chips, which unfortunately means they’re full of marketing speak and newer circuits that I wouldn’t be able to buy in quantities < 100,000 anyway.

Totally dorky, but I’d love trading cards for the 7400 series. I’ll trade you my 12-stage binary ripple counter for your quad 2-input XOR gate!