Mookie recap (valu-pak! three for the price of one!)

Three weeks’ worth of Mookie tourneys, condensed into one blog post.

Two weeks ago: raced home from work and registered at 7:00:57, seconds before registration closed (yay!). My first hand is KK (yay!). One player calls my big preflop raise (yay!). Flop comes rainbow, Jack-high (yay!). I bet the pot; other player reraises me all-in (yay!). I call, expecting TPTK, and indeed see opponent’s AJ (yay!). Turn brings an ace (boo!), and I’m out. My first sub- minute Mookie. At least I can feel good that I got all my money in with the best hand.

One week ago: got no cards the first hour. Then things picked up after the break, and after a few great hands pitted against slightly-less-great hands, I was a huge chipleader. Then a couple very weird boards knocked me down a few pegs. Finally Waffles followed through on his threat to kick my ass next time I reraised his small-blind steal attempt. This time I had TT, and if it’s possible to call faster than instacalling, Waffles did it with his KK. Out in 5th place, after the bubble.

Last night: lesson learned, or relearned I guess, was just to shut off the computer and get blinded out rather than trying to play while having a family discussion. Waffles (congrats on his eventual victory in the tournament) got me again; I called a preflop raise from a third player with my AJs, and Waffles reraised us both. First player folded; I suddenly came down with a severe case of aw-screw-it, called to see his AA, then shut off the computer and returned to real life. A complete waste of $11. Uh, except for the valuable lesson learned, I suppose.