Server configuration

Some of what I’ve done to my new server so far. By the way, it’s Fedora Core 2. I’m running Core 2 because Core 3 and later pretty much require yum rather than apt, and yum is a real resource hog and won’t reasonably work in 64MB of DRAM.

  • As root: crontab -e, then add 25 3 * * * apt-get update && apt-get -y dist-upgrade.
  • Create a backup script on a different machine with several lines resembling this:
    rsync -az -vv --sparse --stats --delete --rsh=ssh root@<hostname>:/home .
    I put the public key for the archiving machine in root’s .ssh/authorized_keys2, so that the script can log in automatically without needing to know root’s password.

  • apt-get install ImageMagick ImageMagick-perl (note that they’re case-sensitive!)

I’ll update this entry as I do more stuff.